Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life's Updates!

Hi, everyone. I know I haven't posted any blogs for about a year. It has been hard keeping up with school and life in general, and of course my handsome little man who is going to be 2 in June, just in time to become a big brother. I am glad to announce that we are especting another baby boy, due in July 2013. I can't wait until he gets here.


I am still in school. It's hard right now, dealing with a toddler and a pregnancy, but I have been able to manage it all, thanks to God.

My son is starting to talk. He will be bilingual, so he's saying some words in spanish and others in english. I have to post a video of how funny he looks saying his ABC's. He will repeat A and B, but when it gets to C, he nods his head as in saying yes, because C sounds like yes in spanish: Si. So he says "si" instead of C. That's a bilingual baby for you! LOL!

I am planning my son's 2nd birthday party. The theme will be Sesame Streets. If anyone knows of any good ideas, please feel free to post them. Also post any good links, I love DIY projects. Most of what I have in mind are DIY ideas, but it's the time that I'm stressing with.

I am now the chior director at my church and the piano player. It's been a both a blessing and a challange considering the fact that I don't really know how to play the piano. ALL THE GLORY be to God, because He has been the one using my hands and voice. I have alot to work on as far as becoming a better piano player and leader, but He knows why He has placed me here. A wise woman once said, when you sing, you have to live what you are saying. And that is true. How many times do we sing just for the heck of singing, not really meaning what we sing. We sing because the music sounds pretty, but we don't really mean what we sing. As I'm writing I'm thinking of a song that says, "Use my life Lord, as you please. No matter what I may go through, I want you to use me." (This is a translation of a spanish song). However when God wants us to cook or clean for the church, we put excuses. We want a Big ministry, yet we don't want to climb the ladder. We don't want to pay the price it takes to have a double anointing as the prophet Elijah had. I recently went through an eye opening situation. I was going through alot and I was feeling alone in my dilema. I was feeling far and abandoned by God, but it was me all along who was not willing to submit to His desire and will. I wanted my will. I wanted my way and my timing, not His. As much as I would sing, "This battle is not yours, it's the Lord's" I was trying to fight the battle alone, with my own strength, and was very weary. But I heard an awsome preaching by Jeff Arnold, I Will Not Die In My Dilema. You have to listen to it, it's the best! Thank God for all the wonderful ways he speaks to us, even when we are unwilling to hear him in our alone time, He will send word other ways.

So far, that's what has been going on. Seems like not much, but it really is. I'll keep updates on the enevt planning!

Jeff Arnold-I will not die in my dilemma (playlist)

If you are feeling alone and like you have no way out, this video is for you. You are not alone, many of us have felt this way and as if God wasn't listening to our prayers, but He is, and He will come through, maybe not today nor tomorrow, but soon. Even if you think things are the worst they can be, hold on to His promise.You don't have to die in your dilema.