Friday, January 20, 2012

Tight Space?

So fitting a baby and 2 adults into a one bedroom is hard, but not impossible. I searched all over the internet to look for ideas or pics on how to accomodate everything in one small room, but found nothing. I mean the one bedrooms I saw were like King size rooms compared to what I have to work with. So if anyone else is having this problem, here's how I did it.

It is a bit crowded but has everything I need. This is my bedroom and baby's. I had to find somewhere to put his toys. Whoever thought such a small little person could take up so much space. But he can, well at least his toys can. Since I have a small apt, meaning more like a studio because I only have a room, kitchen, and bathroom, I have to do with what I can. That TV is about all my husband has as a MAN CAVE. He can't have one yet....but he's fine as long as his TV is avaiable.

So much for baby's play room. This is it. He plays with his toys in this little area. He is starting to crawl more, so I bought a rug to put where he can crawl .


Purple walls? Yep. That's my favorite color. I didn't think about the fact that baby is a boy, but since room number 2 will be his, and my hubby had no problem with purple walls.
So as you see we are made to fit for now, at least until the other room is done. My bed hits the wall, and it's a queen, so you can imagine how small the room is, but it's cozy and it's my home.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An open letter to working moms

An open letter to working moms

Ok so I stumbled across this letter that caught my attention. I like the idea, it is affordable to be a stay-at-home mom if you change the way you live. I mean, sacrifice some things to get better ones. I could not imagine  being away from my baby too long, and am glad that God gave me a providing husband to be able to stay at home with my son. You don't have to be rich to be a stay-at-home mom. I certainly am not, and many of my other friends out there are not surrounded by $$, yet they get to enjoy their kids much more than most working mothers.

You should read that post, click on it and then you will understand my comments. I agree to an extent what she says, but I feel like she makes it seem as if a stay-at-home mom, can't look her best or enjoy things that a working mother would. I mean I love thrift stores. They are my number 1 place to shop. You get good things, sometimes even new, for a couple of bucks. But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a trip to the mall. My #1 rule when I go to the mall is to  never buy anything at full price. Everything I get, I get reduced. I go to JCPenny and head to the clearance section. I recently bought a couple of shirts for $2 each, you can't top that. She mentions that we can't be up to date with fashion because I guess we can't afford to look good, but I disagree. I always look my best (well at least when i go to  church or the store), but I try to, even though I rarely go out, because I have a husband. I must look pretty for him, because men are men, humans with temptations and they have eyes, and I make sure my husband's eyes are always on me. Plus my body is the Lord's temple and you wouldn't like to go into a messy looking church, would you???

 "They might be among the sad minority that does not possess a laptop or cell phone." Sad?? Really?? She make it sound terrible. I don't think it's "sad" not to have a cell phone. I grew up in a very low-income house, and my parents couldn't afford many things. Yet I was never sad because I didn't have a computer or cell. Thank God for public libraries, in which I spent most nights finishing essays and reports. Thank God for Black Friday. I got a laptop for $200. Of course it was many years of savings, but I got there.

You don't have to settle for less. Isn't our God the almighty? Isn't he the one to provide. He is our father and he does tell us to seek and we shall find. I don't have a beatdown car, I have a 2005 Mazda 6. And you know how much I paid for it? $3,000. I bought it at an auction. It had been crashed, but praise God for my husband. He is my everything. I need a mechanic, he is one. If something breaks, he fixes it. He is a construction worker and a mechanic and does many other trades. I never have to pay to fix anything because he does it all. Thank God for my DH, I love him sooo much.

Any ways, if you want to be a stay at home mom, it's possible. The problem is that this world is used to having too many wants and can't settle with just the needs. Sure it would be nice give your kids eveything they want, but what they really need is you, their mom. They need to be under your supervision, not someone else's. I have a dear friend who is a stay at home mom, but hasn't always been. And she has only been home about 10 months, and already she is desperate to find a job, because she can't "afford" it. She could if she would give up many things that to me are a waste of time. She could stop going out every weekend. Yes you do need to spend quality time with your husband, but dinner and a movie is alot cheaper if you do it at home. I usually do that every Sat night. Rent a movie and cook something he loves, or something we would get at the movies, like hotdogs and popcorn. If she would change her plan. She pays double what I pay, and my plan is better. Unlimited is avaiable with most prepaid companies, but some people just don't want to leave those expensive companies like Sprint and Verizon.

Another thing is couponing. I love coupons. Everything I get, most has coupons. Look for places that double like Kmart and save even more. I get tons of Colgate and Crest toothpast for almost nothing. I stock up on shampoo, Pantene, for $1 each.

So what I am saying is that if you start living a frugal life, you can affor to stay home. You don't have to live like a poor person, because we can't be poor. Our father is the father of riches. He will provide if you trust him. Give Him a try, and I garantee He won't let you down.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let me tell you a little about ME

Hi, my name is Titania. I am a full time mother, wife, daughter, and now student. I am christian and proud of it. I am very active in my church, First Pentecostal Church La Vina. I am in the chior (singing and playing the drums), I am the drama director, and events planner, and I am also the Sunday school teacher for toddlers.All this for the Honor and Glory to My Lord Jesus Christ!

I am about to start school next Mon and am very excited, but also nervous. How will I ever get it everything done?? That's a question I have been askign myself since I was last in school in 2010, and did was not a mother. But I know that it will be tough, but not impossible. I also know that I am not the only like this. I know many of you ladies are going back to school, or thinking about it. It's never too follow me through this year as I post my blogs on letting you know how I will manage it ALL!

I have had help from a couple of friends who give me advice on how to prioritize my what-to-do list, but sometimes I give myself too much to do in such a little time. But like I said earlier, nothing is impossible and I can do all things through Christ. More blogs coming soon, and I will post some easy Spanish recipes for those interested in trying something different. NOTE: It's not Mexican food, because I am not Mexican, and I can't stand that generalization. It's Spanish food, because most spanish countries cook what I cook. BTW I was born and raised here, but I my parents are from Guatemala, so I cook Guatemalan style some times, and Honduran style others, because my DH is from Honduras.
Anyways...stay tuned. I will post tomorrow my "baliadas" recipe.

In Christ's Love,
Titania Montoya