From My Kitchen

So this is my Baliadas Recipe. It is a traditional Honduran plate, usually served for breakfast, but DH loves it sooo much, he can eat it 3xs a day.

So the ingrediants are:

Flour tortillas
Scrambled eggs
Refried Beans (usually black or red)
Queso Frijolero (Spanish grated cheese)


1) You prepare your tortillas. I hand make mine using Great Value Flour Tortilla mix, but you can use any flour tortillas, my favorite are Mission Flour Tortillas. Heat them on a skillet until they are a little brown, but do not let them get toasted.

2) Once tortillas are ready, they should look like this if you are handmaking them

3) Once your tortillas are ready, spread the beans on them. You should try mashing your beans a bit so they could be easier to spread. And put a bit of eggs on them, then add the cheese and crema.

The crema, is like a Spanish sour cream, you can buy at any spanish store and some Walmarts sell the Sula brand, but if not, you can just use some regular sour cream, add a bit of milk and a bit of salt to make it have a little taste, and then you can use that as crema.

The cheese- you can use any spanish grated cheese you find at any spanish store. If you find anything that says, Queso Frijolero, or Queso Seco, that's fine to use. If not most Walmart's sell the grated cheese in the Spanish Food section of the cheese.

And there you have it. A Baliada, ready to serve for breakfast or even dinner. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, these look delicious!!! I'm going to have to try them soon. Yum yum! Thank you for the recipe.


    1. your welcome, hope you enjoy them. I'm making rice skillet tomorrow