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So I have a gift. I am an event planner. I really wouldn't cconsider myself as such, but according to everyone else, I should start a business. I have done most of our church's weddings and baby showers and now my son's first birthday party. This is the first birthday party I have done, and most was handmade. I LOVE creating and crafts, so I put everything I had into making my son's first birthday one that he will be able to look back (of course in pictures onky, cuz he's too small to remember) and see what a blast it was.

I made his party a zoo theme. I made invitations printed on a paper with animals border. I made the banner for his party too. I bought the letters and cardstock paper to cut our and use. I attached each letter to one another by tying them with string. I also had the previlage to make his cake. As you can see, I made it like a zoo. I had three seperate small 9 inch cakes and frosted them. I later covered them with cocunut shreds, which I added drops of green food coloring to make it look like grass. I used wafers, and kit-kat to male the fences. I also made a small train in the back, which would be the one for my son.

My good friend, who helped me for my wedding, then baby shower, now gave me a cake for the party. It was more than enough cake, but the more the merrier.

The pinatas were a hit with the kids. I had 2, because usually the bigger kids get all the candy and the little kids get none, so this time I had one for the big kids and one for the little kids.

The big kids had the bear, and the little kids got the small special made one. My husband with the help of his friend made that small pinata espceially for Yeshua. And I decorated it. As you can see, I added animal stickers to it and a few extra touches.
 Here is my husband proudly showing my son the pinata daddy made for him.

So my little giraffe...
enjoyed his party and cake.

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