Saturday, February 18, 2012

Managing school, baby, and hubby!

So as you know I have been in school. Full time school, mom, and's a hard job! So before I got married, I was in school, studying for my bachelors in Business, but I stopped going in 2010. I had my baby, and do not regret it! I just wished I would have finished before 2011. I was suppose to graduate in Dec 2010, but that didn't happen, all my fault. But it's never too late to finish. So I want to finish what I started, without neglecting my home.

Thank God, I have class at 7am-7:50. So that gives me enough time to go to my class and return home before my hubby leaves. Then my next class is at 5:30-7pm, and by then my mother is home to take my baby for me while I go to school. So I'm at school Mon-Fri, but home all day with my son, and food is always on the table. That's a huge PRO!

It's hard, yes, but not impossible. I have to study when I can, and that's mostly once the baby is asleep. I usually put him down by 9pm. That gives me time to get ready for bed, and then hit the books. I usually study from 9:30-12am everynight. I wake up at 5:35am to nurse baby and get ready for school. I'm home by 8:15am and baby is up ready for breakfast. So then my usual day begins with all the chores and cooking. By 4:30 I'm done and ready to head out the door. When I return, my husband picks me up on his way home from work, so we have dinner and spend our quality time together.

So it's not impossible to return to school. What I will do with my degree...only God knows since I don't want to ever leave my child in the care of anyone else. I'm praying that God uses my education for HIS work, but for now the books it is!

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