Friday, January 20, 2012

Tight Space?

So fitting a baby and 2 adults into a one bedroom is hard, but not impossible. I searched all over the internet to look for ideas or pics on how to accomodate everything in one small room, but found nothing. I mean the one bedrooms I saw were like King size rooms compared to what I have to work with. So if anyone else is having this problem, here's how I did it.

It is a bit crowded but has everything I need. This is my bedroom and baby's. I had to find somewhere to put his toys. Whoever thought such a small little person could take up so much space. But he can, well at least his toys can. Since I have a small apt, meaning more like a studio because I only have a room, kitchen, and bathroom, I have to do with what I can. That TV is about all my husband has as a MAN CAVE. He can't have one yet....but he's fine as long as his TV is avaiable.

So much for baby's play room. This is it. He plays with his toys in this little area. He is starting to crawl more, so I bought a rug to put where he can crawl .


Purple walls? Yep. That's my favorite color. I didn't think about the fact that baby is a boy, but since room number 2 will be his, and my hubby had no problem with purple walls.
So as you see we are made to fit for now, at least until the other room is done. My bed hits the wall, and it's a queen, so you can imagine how small the room is, but it's cozy and it's my home.

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