Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let me tell you a little about ME

Hi, my name is Titania. I am a full time mother, wife, daughter, and now student. I am christian and proud of it. I am very active in my church, First Pentecostal Church La Vina. I am in the chior (singing and playing the drums), I am the drama director, and events planner, and I am also the Sunday school teacher for toddlers.All this for the Honor and Glory to My Lord Jesus Christ!

I am about to start school next Mon and am very excited, but also nervous. How will I ever get it everything done?? That's a question I have been askign myself since I was last in school in 2010, and did was not a mother. But I know that it will be tough, but not impossible. I also know that I am not the only like this. I know many of you ladies are going back to school, or thinking about it. It's never too follow me through this year as I post my blogs on letting you know how I will manage it ALL!

I have had help from a couple of friends who give me advice on how to prioritize my what-to-do list, but sometimes I give myself too much to do in such a little time. But like I said earlier, nothing is impossible and I can do all things through Christ. More blogs coming soon, and I will post some easy Spanish recipes for those interested in trying something different. NOTE: It's not Mexican food, because I am not Mexican, and I can't stand that generalization. It's Spanish food, because most spanish countries cook what I cook. BTW I was born and raised here, but I my parents are from Guatemala, so I cook Guatemalan style some times, and Honduran style others, because my DH is from Honduras.
Anyways...stay tuned. I will post tomorrow my "baliadas" recipe.

In Christ's Love,
Titania Montoya

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